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Why World Wide Aviation and Air Refueling Services?

  • Meet DOD and USAF urgent need for a commercial Fee-For-Service Air Refueling (AR) option as outlined in Section 1081 of National Defense Authority Acts of 2008, 2010 and 2012
  • Support the DOD’s Global Reach and Global Power objectives as outlined in Defense Strategic Guidance
  • Augment the USAF Air Refueling fleet as the KC-10 aircraft  divestment ensues as outlined in 2015 NDAA
  • Provide Fixed and Rotary Wing Air Refueling (AR) platforms to aircraft requiring fuel via Probe-n-Drogue
  • Provide Service Chiefs with a commercial “Off-The-Shelf” AR option, increasing capability and lowering risk
  • Provide Combatant Commanders with steady-state rotational and warfighter surge support as outlined in Joint Pub
  • Provide NORTHCOM with ISS (In-system Select) Air Refueling options during national emergencies
  • Provide Commercial Air Refueling services capable of supporting;
    • DOD, US Government and commercial markets requiring Aerial Refueling
    • US Transportation Command and subordinate components command commanders AR requirements
    • United States Air Force, Army (Special Forces), Marine Corp and Naval users requiring AR
    • Air Mobility Commands (TACC) Air Operations Centers and
    • NAVAIR Commercial Air Services (CAS)
  • Nations first Civil Reserve Air Fleet (CRAF) Long-Range Tanker Service Provider to the DOD
  • DOD benefits from a 24/7/365 Full Service Commercial Air Refueling Transportation Service Provider
  • Brings 250+ years of real world Tactical, Strategic & Operational Air Refueling expertise under one organization
      • Delivering AR services and solutions from AR Subject Matter Experts
      • Dedicated Technology, Lean Air Refueling enterprise and Smart Air Refueling Operations

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