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“On-Time, On-Speed, On-Altitude,.. Every Time! For 100% of our customers”

To be the world’s leader in Commercial Air Refueling through revolutionary concepts, Lean Enterprises & Smart AR Operations

  • To reduce waste… By Leveraging Technology, Lean Enterprise and Smart Air Refueling Operations.
  • To continually increase the quality of rapid on-time fuel delivery to our customers
World Wide Aviation & Air Refueling Operations Center

Picture reuse approval pending United States Air Force (Force Central), requested 10 Sep 2015

  • Provide Fixed and Rotary Wing Air Refueling (AR) platforms to receivers requiring Probe-n-Drogue AR
  • Airlift and Aerial Refueling (AR) option, supporting training and Multi-modal requirements
  • Compliment the USAF organic AR tanker fleet by providing AR support to
    • Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Instruction Priority’s 2C3 and below requiring AR
    • Air Force Instruction (AFI) 11-221 AR support priorities below 2A1
  • Air Refueling Operations Center (AROC) provides 24/7 AR planning, operations and data reporting
  • AR exercise planning with; USAF, USA, USN, USMC, AMC, ACC , USTC and TACC
  • NAVAIR Commercial Air Services (CAS) AR support and exercise planning
  • Dual Role mission planning that includes APOE/ADOP delivery
  • Air Refueling Control Time (ARCT) planning and execution
  • Fuel conservation & efficiency starting at user request
  • Overwater fighter movements (aka Coronet) and aircraft delivery
  • Allied Tactical Publication; ATP- and ATP-56 compliant